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Coffee Stain Removal

MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019

Let’s talk Coffee. Delicious to the taste, and absolutely disgraceful on the carpet. It is so frustrating to spill coffee, but especially so, when it leaves a stain on nice carpet. Premier Chem-Dry is here for all your tough to remove stains. Premier Chem-Dry specialty stain removal, removes tough stains, removes coffee stainsWe are experts about all things carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our goal is to give you a stain-free home. 

It is upsetting to see a coffee stain all over the carpet, so we understand that you want to work fast and efficiently to get the stain removed. Time is of the essence right after a spill. As soon as you can make a simple, quick mixture of (three parts) hydrogen peroxide, (one part) Dawn dish soap, and (a dash) baking soda. The hydrogen peroxide can affect the color of the carpet so be sure to test in a hidden spot to make sure it is compatible with your carpet. Rather than shaking this mixture gently swirl it until the ingredients are blended together. Before applying the mixture, dab the remaining coffee away from the stain with a dry rag or paper towel. After it is fairly to completely dry dab and lightly rub the coffee off the carpet. This should, after a little work, completely remove or at least lighten the stain.

Next thing is to call in the professionals. Here at Premier Chem-Dry we are trained and equipped with industry-leading products and tools. Don't worry if DIY blends only lighten the stain. We are confident that we can remove the toughest coffee stains. If you are in Commerce Township, MI give us a call. We will get your carpets looking fresh and new in no time.