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Patti O. source icon for review

Published Sep 02 2018

After our white chenille sofa was cleaned last year, (by another ChemDry) we noticed that it turned a brownish color.  Michael from Premier came out to clean our carpet and I showed him the problem.  He told me that it was cellulose browning.  It happens when this type of fabric is left too wet after cleaning.  I asked if our sofa could be saved and he said there was a solution that could help.  Needless to say, we made another cleaning appointment.  Mike's knowledge and expertise and his brown-out solution saved our sofa.  We are so pleased with the results.  Thank you, Michael!!  Premier is now the ONLY ChemDry for our home.

Patti Owski source icon for review

Published Aug 21 2018

Our second time with Premier and we couldn’t be happier. Our carpet looks brand new each time. Michael is very helpful and professional.

Jennifer Z. source icon for review

Published Nov 14 2015

Mike from Premier chem dry came and cleaned our carpets yesterday. He was very professional and my carpets look brand new! We are very happy with the work he did. We will definitely be calling them again! Our carpets dried really fast! Thanks! Jennifer

David Cook source icon for review

Published Apr 26 2017

Mike the owner showed up at my lake front property for carpet cleaning on time and budget..did a 100% great job..would recommend him highly

Jennifer Zienert source icon for review

Published Nov 15 2015

Mike from Premier Chem-Dry came and cleaned my carpets yesterday. He did an excellent job! My carpets were dry in a short amount of time and they look brand new! He was very professional and gave us a free bottle of spot cleaner. He even cleaned 2 extra rugs for us at no additional charge. We will definitely will be calling again in the future. We highly recommend Premier Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning!


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